Military Families Celebrate Christmas in August After Being Apart for the Holidays (VIDEO)

santaDeployment is always painful. But there's something that seems a bit harder when deployment happens to fall over the holidays. December is a time for getting together with family; spending time with one another; and being thankful for all the wonderful people we have in this world. To have one person glaringly absent from the festivities, and in harm's way for the sake of our country, has to be both terrifying and extremely sad -- for both the person who's gone, and for the family he or she left behind.

A group of military families in Idaho got a second chance at Christmas recently when they got to spend the day with a Hawaiian shirt-clad Santa at a water park. The event was called "The Christmas You Missed", and it was a day to make up for not being able to spend the holidays together. Check it out the awesomeness:



I love this. And I love that there are people out there who arranged for such a beautiful day like this. It's so nice knowing that the sacrifices military men and women make for our country, as well as their families, aren't being forgotten; and that there are people out there who remember that some families didn't get to spend Christmas together last year.

Christmas in August may be a bit unconventional for some, but for some families, that's the only choice they have. 

Have you ever been apart from a loved one during the holidays?


Image via kivitv

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