Men Steal iPhone, Then Accidentally Send Victim Photos of Themselves in Their Underwear (PHOTOS)

iphoneI can't think of any instance in which I'd want my iPhone to be stolen. My whole life is on that thing. Photos, contacts, personal information. But if I could catch the person who lifted my phone via him taking photos of himself in his underwear, unaware that all the pics were pinged back to my home computer, it might be worth it. Idiocy like that is an art form hard to come by.


Two men in Essex, England allegedly stole a woman's iPhone while she was eating at a restaurant. Apparently, one man distracted the woman while the other pocketed it. A short while after taking the phone, they headed down to the beach for a relaxing day of fun in the sun. The two men, who are yet to be named, stripped down to their underwear and began snapping photos of one another. There are shots of the two of them together; shots of them in the water; classic selfies. And all the while, the men are blissfully unaware that the photos are being sent directly back to the victim's computer, because she had "Photo Stream" and "iCloud" turned on. "I’m guessing these gentlemen aren’t quite aware of how iPhones work," the 27-year-old woman said. The photos have since been passed along to police, and the robbery is being investigated.

In other words: iPhone thieves, ya'burnt!

You really can't steal an iPhone these days, guys. There are too many streams and apps (like "Find My Phone") that make the phones relatively easy to get back. And these dudes clearly have no clue how an iPhone works since they didn't turn off either the Photo Stream or iCloud.

But hey, looks like they got a nice day at the beach in. And their pics are all over the Internet, as to forever immortalize the fun time. Silver lining?

What do you think of this?


Images via Guys Who Allegedly Stole a Lady's iPhone

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