Horrifying Impact of Texting & Driving Shown in Heartbreaking New Film Might Stop It for Good (VIDEO)

texting and drivingIt truly is shocking that people still text and drive. Despite the fact that there are about 1.6 million accidents caused by texting and driving every year, and that "driving while intexticated" is considered six times worse than driving drunk, people still do it. Why? Do they really think that a life-changing car accident, or death, will never happen to or by them? Do they think that responding "LOL" to some meaningless and trivial thing a friend wrote to them is more important than their safety or the safety of others? Many do, which, sadly, is why every day there are about 11 teen deaths from texting and driving.

It needs to stop.


Famed film maker, Werner Herzog, deviated from his standard art house fare to create what essentially is a 35-minute PSA on the dangers of texting and driving. The documentary is called From One Second to the Next and it looks at the lives of people who have been affected by this terribly pervasive habit. A mom who lost all traces of the vibrant, rambunctious child she once knew. A regular guy who killed three people by sending the message "I love you" to his wife. And a man who decided that "texting and driving was more important to him than two men were to their families."

If you do one thing today, please watch this video and then pass it along to anyone you can. The film is hard to swallow, but hopefully its gut-wrenching rawness will prevent people from ever texting and driving again. It will cost you nothing, and hopefully it will prevent costing someone's life.

For more information on how you can prevent texting and driving, visit stoptextwrecks.org.

"Things can happen so quick that they'll change your life forever."

Do you ever text and drive?


Image via ShareATT/YouTube

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