Turn Everything on the Internet Into Ryan Gosling at the Click of a Button

ryan goslingHave you ever been looking at a website and thought, "Man, this would be so much better if every photo on here was of Ryan Gosling instead?" There's a Chrome extension for that! Genius web developer Katherine Champagne felt our pain and designed "Hey, Girl", a device that turns everything on the Internet -- from news about a global crisis to your Facebook feed -- into Ryan Gosling.

Gee, let me think if I want to do thi-- YES!


Think about how much better your day will be. You're reading another depressing news story about how a study just concluded that everything sucks, everyone is the worst, and we're all gonna die. Who's there to make things a bit cheerier? Ryan Gosling! You're looking through all the bleak options on a dating site, and who do you see accompanying the god-awful profiles? Ryan Gosling! You're mindlessly scrolling through your newsfeed on Facebook, and instead of looking at pictures of people's inventive salads, kids in sunglasses, and feet in the sand on vacation, who's there? The Gos!

Hey, Girl makes the Internet fun again! All at the push of a button. Sure, there are plenty of cats out there who always know how to put a smile on our face after a particular trying 'net session. See below:

But how many cats can give you special feelings like this:

ryan gosling

Oh. And, um, smoking's bad?

Would you like to see the entire Internet turned into Ryan Gosling?


Images via Splash

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