Zealous 'Keep Yo Business Off Yo Facebook' Church Song Goes Viral -- Guess Where? (VIDEO)

If the thousand and one stories about people getting busted for revealing too much on Facebook don't convince you to watch what you share online, perhaps a choir performance will? One church has a very strong message for its congregation regarding "the pitfalls of hubris and lack of discretion in today's social media world," and they recently delivered the message via a pew-shaking gospel tune titled “Keep Yo Business Off Yo Facebook."

The delicious irony, of course, is that the YouTube video of  “Keep Yo Business Off Yo Facebook" is going viral. On FACEBOOK.


It's not clear which church has taken on the holy task of preaching against Facebook, but their spirited musical message has been viewed nearly 150,000 times as of this writing. The lead singer belts out lines like, "The things that you say, you know they’re gonna find out about ‘em anyway,” and "Some days you act like a saint, but your Facebook post say you ain’t," before the choir picks up the oh-so-catchy refrain: "Well you need to keep your business off of Facebook. You need to keep your business off of Facebook."

Here's the soulful request aimed at us all:

Talk about a sign of the times, right? The performance has been stirring up some online debate among Christians who disagree on whether singing about Facebook is the right sort of focus for a church. As one commenter wrote,

Good message, but would rather hear some worship music during 'praise and worship'. I guess if it's a part of the sermon, it could go but that's a waste of valuable worship and learning time.

Others point out that it's perfectly understandable for religious leaders to criticize our society's increasing reliance on social media:

Some have said this is not a true "praise and worship" song. While true, it does clearly illustrate biblical principles in a practical way. Ex. Prov. 22:1. I often remind youth that something posted on social media in anger, disappointment or the emotion of the moment in order to vent, entertain, attempt to gain sympathy, a sense of worth or to boost pride often leads to a damaged witness or a wounded reputation. We must be real and authentic, but we must be real with real people in real interactions, not just flickers on a screen.

Whether or not you agree with this church's decision to musically chide its members for their social networking, I bet this is the first time you've been warned about oversharing online via backing drums, harmonizing vocals, and organ. Now quick, go share this video ... on Facebook!

What do you think of this gospel song? Do you think it's a relevant message for a church to send?

Image via YouTube

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