7 Ways to Keep Facebook From Driving You Crazy

facebookFacebook makes you happier, smarter, and more at one with the real world. Just kidding. It makes you depressed, dumber, and is super isolating. Another study has found that, duh, Facebook makes you sad. But we already know that, so no need to dwell. Let's focus on another interesting thing the study found. People tend to spend a decent chunk of time looking at the Facebook pages of people they don't like -- "frenemies and exes", to be exact. Why, right? Seems kind of masochistic and like a terrible use of social media.

Let's stop the madness, you guys. What do you say? Let's, for once and for all, learn to use Facebook in a healthy way with these 7 tips!

Or, you know, just quit.


1. Don't be friends with people you haven't had physical contact with in two years or less. Have your friends on Facebook be people you're actually friends with. You know, people you care about and who care about you. If you spend your time looking up what Joe Schmo from high school is up to, really, what did you do all day?

2. Only be friends with people you actually like. I understand the concept of stalking people you don't like -- girls who made your life a living hell in grade school; some jerkface you used to work with, but ... what is the point? What good comes out of that? It's a waste of perfectly good time and energy. You could be ... knitting instead.

3. Don't be friends with exes!!! Bad, bad, bad idea. Just bad.

4. Limit your Facebook checking to once a day. Once you go upward of three Facebook checks a day, it's bordering on obsession. Tell yourself you can check once and then call it.

5. Don't have Facebook on your phone. It's one of the reasons you check it so often! You're bored in line at the store, so what do you do? Check Facebook! Stop! If you just have it on your computer, you won't be on it as frequently.

6. Don't be the person who posts super personal things. Facebook is a social media site, it's not a therapy session. Having people you're not very close with know all sorts of personal info about your life isn't healthy. Like, at all.

7. Don't stare at other people's photos and convince yourself that that's how their life is. Because it's not. They're only posting their greatest hits. Trust me.

What do you have to add?


Image via stitchohana/Flickr

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