Paralyzed Bride Keeps Her Promise & Walks Down Aisle on Her Wedding Day (VIDEO)

Wedding aisleThere are so many things a bride looks forward to on her wedding day. Those pre-shindig photos with her bridesmaids, getting treated like a queen in the wedding suite, and the first taste of wedding cake -- for starters. But the biggest, greatest moment of all? That walk down the aisle to her future husband. That almost didn't happen for Stevie Beale.

Seven years ago at age 17, Beale was involved in a car accident that paralyzed her from the waist down. It was at a therapy center in Michigan where she met her future husband Jared VanAusdale, a friend of another patient there. This past weekend, after months of intense physical therapy and practice, Stevie walked down the aisle with the help of a walker to meet him at the altar.

Yeah, I got a little choked up too.


It's a beautiful story, one that proves the intense power of love. Stevie told Today that her fiance was the number one reason why she was able to walk down that aisle. After encouraging her through therapy sessions multiple times a week, she looked to him for comfort when it felt like her goal was impossible. In the end, Stevie wanted to prove to herself that with the right kind of attitude and intense determination, she could do even the hardest task she set her mind to. And she did.

Stevie's husband summed up her efforts perfectly: "She could've felt sorry for herself," said VanAusdale. "Instead she grabbed that situation by the horns, turned a negative into a positive, and helped so many people along the way."

Watch Stevie walk down the aisle, here:

How awesome is this?


Image via -Jerome-/Flickr

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