Soldier Proposes to His Girlfriend With the Help of Adorable Preschoolers

engagement ringWho here loves watching super-adorbs marriage proposal stories? You and you and you and you? Well I've got the perfect thing to sweeten up your afternoon. Soldier Anthony Figueroa wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Lauren Quintero. So he picked the perfect spot and chose the perfect helpers: The Army soldier proposed to Lauren in the classroom where she teaches, and he recruited some of her cute little students to help him. Daww!


The couple have been apart since Anthony is stationed at a base in North Carolina. But he came back for a surprise visit just to propose. Anthony arranged to arrive in Lauren's classroom at Busy Bee Preschool while she was away on break. With the help of a couple other teachers, he got five of Lauren students to hold up signs: "Will ... You ... Marry ... Me ... ?" (One poster just for the question mark.) So when Lauren came back from her break, she walked into the room and saw the sweetest surprise of her life. You can see Anthony's proposal to Lauren here.

And to think it all started on Facebook. Anthony had just happened to see Lauren's profile, and he "poked" her. Usually poking from strange men doesn't work out so well. But Anthony got lucky this time, and Lauren flirted back. They started dating just eight months ago, and at least part of that time has been long distance. But I guess you know when you know. Anthony is awaiting his orders and could get sent as far away as Seattle or Italy; Lauren says she'll follow him wherever he goes, of course.

Those crazy kids! They'll have an adorable story to tell their own children someday. We wish them lots of luck.

What's your favorite proposal story?


Image via Elizabeth Krumbach/Flickr

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