New iPhone Release Rumors Could Have Fans Rioting in the Streets

iPhone, new iPhone, iPhone 6, 5c, 5s, iOS7So you've just finally settled down with your cherished other half, your iPhone 5. The two of you now know each other so well, you're like two peas in a pod. Meant to be. Inseparable. Partners for life.

Not so fast, iPhone lovers. It might be time to break up for yet another new flame. The latest rumor has it that the next iPhone -- presumably the iPhone 6 though it could be called the 5s or the 5c -- will be out as early as Sept. 10.

Let me say it again. Less than a year after the iPhone 5's long-awaited release Sept. 12, the next one is already around the corner ... a very short corner, as it turns out. So you know what that means, right? Time to shell out another bleeping several hundred buckeroos or stick with your 5 with the nagging feeling that you're completely out of date and unhip.

Damn you, Apple.


The latest of the company's prized smartphones will be introduced to the world at one of Apple's events next month, according to

Buzz has already been swirling that such a move was afoot after Apple unveiled a new look for the iPhone's iOS 7, the device's operating system, in June.

Some of the predicted differences are changes in the home button's shape and even technology in said home button that can ID fingerprints. Meaning owners will be able to unlock their iPhones without security codes -- and feel like CIA agents at the same time. The new iPhones might also be made of something called Sapphire rather than plastic.

Well, I'll be gosh-darned. Am I the only one here immensely disturbed by this news and impressed with Apple's business prowess at the same time? Granted, I'm still on the iPhone 4 (I'm upgrading soon, I swear!!!) but come on, Apple! Do you have to make us buy a whole new iPhone every year, thereby lining your pockets with our hard-earned money ... or avoid it but then be way way way behind the times? And what's up with all this new look, new home button, fingerprint recognition stuff? What if we like the old look, the old button, and our trusty old security code? Or are you in cahoots with the NSA too?

Oh well. Guess time will tell what Apple's latest baby will look like and do. We'll just wait here, with our clunky old iPhone 4s, 4s's, and 5s and twiddle our thumbs. Or hold mass protests in the streets.

Will you suck it up and buy yet another iPhone or can't you be bothered?


Image via Apple

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