Man Giving Neighbor a Ride Catches Her Gyrating to ‘Blurred Lines’ & Hilarious Clip Goes Viral (VIDEO)

blurred lines vineThe Internet is nothing if not filled with weird and random things that make us laugh. And this Vine video of a guy catching his elderly neighbor dancing to "Blurred Lines" in the back seat of his car is no exception. For those of you unaware of what Vine is, it's an app that lets you post short video clips. It's basically the video version of Instagram (even though Instagram now has video, as well). And why is this lady in the back of this dude's car? Well, he was being a nice guy and dropping her off somewhere. And it's a good thing he did, because otherwise, this awesomeness would have never been captured. If you waste any time on the Internet today, please make it this video. There will be plenty of cats here tomorrow.

Check it out:



There are a lot of dumb, useless things online, but this, friends? This is not one of them. And while I'm vehemently against people capturing every mundane detail of their lives and posting it to some social media platform, this is exactly what things like Vine are for. This is a hilarious moment made more hilarious, thanks the constant replay via Vine. This guy probably would have forgotten about this moment if he never captured it with his phone. But he did, and so he, and we, now get to enjoy this forever.

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Image via Yoeslan Alfaro/Vine

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