8 Great Reasons to Use Your Phone During Sex (PHOTOS)

bedsheetsPeople use their phones in the weirdest places. A new survey asked Americans where and when we're pulling out our iPhones and Androids, and the responses almost make me want to ditch modern life and hole up in a cabin in the mountains somewhere. (Except you know I wouldn't get good service up there and would have to come back.)

We use our phones everywhere. Over half of us use the phone while driving -- still! Thirty-five percent of us will whip out a phone in the movie theater. Nineteen percent of people use the phone in church -- why, to phone God??? Thirty-two percent of us use a phone during our kids' school functions (which is actually quite understandable). Twelve percent of us use the phone while in the shower. And get this: Nine percent of you are pulling out the damn phone during sex. SEX! Why, people? Why?


Actually, now that I think of it, there are a number of reasons why you might want to pull out a phone while you're having sex -- well, specifically a smartphone. Here's a few I thought of off the top of my head.


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