The 6 Types of Moms on Pinterest

nicole fabian-weberWho doesn't love Pinterest? Not this girl. I could spend hours on end pinning, arranging, and generally getting lost in the DIY black hole that is Pinterest. I love it. And since I've become a mom, I love it even more. It gives me great ideas for meals, adorable kids' clothes, and of course, home decor inspiration.

And I guess I fall into a category of a certain kind of person -- mom, in particular -- who uses Pinterest. I guess if I had to label myself, I'd be the "Wanna-Be Mom". As in my Pinterest profile contains a lot of stylish things I want, but don't necessarily have or will ever have. A beautifully landscaped backyard; fresh, green smoothies every day; and stunning kids' clothes that cost more than kids' clothes should ever cost.

But that's not the only kind of Pinterest mom. Here are 5 other types of moms on Pinterest. Which one are you, friend?


 1. The Pinterest Incarnate Mom. Let's be honest here, most of us don't act on a good portion of the things we pin. We may think we're going to fill a bunch of mason jars with lights and string them up in our backyard, but in reality, that's never gonna happen. That's not the case with the Pinterest Incarnate Mom. PI Mom does everything she pins. When she shows up at your house, she brings homemade lemon bars that are in the shape of teddy bears. And when you go to her house, it looks like you're actually inside of a pin. PI Mom typically does not have a full-time job.

2. The Micro Pinner. The Micro Pinner has about 2,465 Pinterest boards, basically broken down into subdivisions. She doesn't just have a "Holidays" board, she has a "Halloween" board. And she doesn't just have a "Halloween" board, she has a "Jack-o-lantern Ideas" board. Does she follow through on all her pins? Not necessarily. But her page sure looks impressive.


3. The Design Junkie Mom. This type of Pinterest mom doesn't care about clothes, doesn't care about recipes. She just wants design ideas, and lots of 'em. Her "nursery ideas" board has about 700 pins on it, and her "bathroom ideas" about 465. Two-hundred of which are toilets. She likely doesn't follow through on all of her pinning, but she starts a lot of projects. Her house looks like Michaels.

4. The Quote-Loving Mom. We all love inspiring and uplifting quotes, but the Quote-Loving Mom really loves them. Every time you log on, you're bombarded with words (SO MANY WORDS!). You appreciate them, as they may make you momentarily feel serene, but ... what does Q-L Mom do with all her ... quotes?

5. The Why-Bother-Being-on-Pinterest Mom. She has a Pinterest account. But she has two boards and they've each got three pins. She's yet to see the appeal of Pinterest, but you know once it sinks its teeth into her, she'll become one of us.

What kind of pinner are you?


Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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