Facebook Is Becoming the Drama Queen in Your Marriage Because of All the Stalking

heart phoneA study recently concluded that couples who are on Facebook are more likely to cheat. Duh. While I don't think a PhD was necessarily required to come to this conclusion, the study, which covers how Facebook has become "the third wheel in relationships," does reveal a few more interesting pieces of information. Namely, the fact that cyber-snooping on your partner, or as it's been referred to, "partner surveillance," only leads to bad things.

Note: Not necessarily bad findings (AKA, he may not be cheating), but bad things (AKA, you're going to work yourself up into a tizzy misreading everything you see online).

So stop already.


I'm a big believer in not stalking/snooping/spying on the person you're interested in or involved with online. I know it's tempting, being that everything is at our fingertips (quite literally), but you aren't always going to find something bad. And sometimes, people won't stop until they do, in fact, find something bad. As in they'll pretty much make something up if they have to.

Of course there are shady people who do shady things, and there very well could be something legitimately "not cool" about the person you're involved with somewhere on the Internet. But at the same time, anything can be misconstrued online. A simple exchange between a guy you just started dating and a pretty girl on Facebook doesn't mean he's hooking up with her. It could be an old friend or even a cousin. But you're not going to see, or even want to see, that when you're poking around. It would be much different if the two of you were out and you happened to bump into said girl. You'd get answers right away. But online, the only thing that's going to happen is drama.

People aren't all bad. The Internet just makes it seem that way sometimes. If you really think there's something "off" with someone you're dating, go ahead. Snoop away. But ultimately what's going to happen is Facebook is going to cause more drama in your relationship than would otherwise be there. So ... maybe log off? I did it, and I can attest to the fact that it's actually pretty liberating.

Have you ever gotten into a fight with someone over something on Facebook?

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