The 'Funny' People You Know on Facebook May Not Be So Funny After All

thumbs downA weird, little experiment that was just conducted concluded that people can tell (or surmise, at least) whether or not you're funny by looking at your Facebook profile. Out of 53 cues analyzed, the things most likely to give people an idea of what your humor (or lack thereof) is like were: Your profile pictures (whether they're amusing and if your friends seem like a good group to get a drink with); your status updates (whether they were funny and non-political); and your wall activity (how many likes you have and whether or not people comment up a storm on your shit).

And to that I say, really? People think there's a correlation between having a lot of Internet friends and being funny?


Some things are funnier online (cats, for instance), but at the end of the day, if you're funny, you're funny. No amount of Facebook likes or carefully-crafted profile photos featuring you with a propeller hat are going to change that. And I think, I hope, people know that. I know some really unfunny, kind of douchey, people who have tons of friends on Facebook. And they immediately have a bajillion likes on anything they post. I actually saw a post that was just a photo of a glass of Sprite the other day that had 47 likes. True story.

Perhaps seeing the profile of someone who has a lot of friends and posts a lot of photos of him or herself doing cool things makes them seem like a fun person. Someone you'd like to hang out with. But funny? No. I think status updates and tweets are a pretty good barometer of how funny a person is. A person I follow on Twitter wrote, "I think the pope just came out" after Pope Francis said "who am I to judge" homosexuals; and then "Kale can go f*ck itself" a short while later. That's funny. And he doesn't have a lot of online friends. So, study, y'burnt.

Can you tell if someone is funny by looking at their Facebook post?


Image via comedy_nose/Flickr

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