Bride Dying of Cancer Marries Her True Love in Dream Wedding Made Possible by Strangers (VIDEO)

Jeff Lang Jen BulikNow this story, folks, is the very definition of true love. Can't get much cheesier than that, but after reading about this wedding, your faith in humanity will be restored, if only for a little while, and hopefully you'll take a few moments to reflect on everything that's good and fortunate in your own life.

Jen Bulik, 35, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in December. If that weren't traumatizing enough, after months of aggressive treatment, sadly, the cancer spread to her lymph nodes. Doctors told Jen in June that she had less than six months to live.

What was her boyfriend of six years, Jeff Lang, supposed to do then? Run away and never look back? Stick by her side until the worst happened? Wait a couple months to clear his conscience and then move on as a single man?

Nah. He proposed instead.


That's right, he proposed marriage in early July and the couple were then wed on July 27 in San Jose, California. If that already doesn't warm the cockles of your cobwebbed, cynical heart, get this: More than 30 local vendors donated their services for the pair's special day. The total cost of the wedding, $50,000, was given to Jen and Jeff for free.

Jen changed both her outfits and her wigs at least four times during her wedding day. She and Jeff exchanged vows in a park surrounded by bucolic trees and sunny skies and then had a garden reception at her parents' home. Their 125 guests danced to a New Orleans brass band, and everyone ate barbecue and played cornhole (OMG I just love this couple). The newlyweds also danced to an acoustic version of "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga.

Erica Ota, a wedding planner who donated her time and recruited all these kind-hearted vendors, said, "I avoided tearing up the entire day until I saw them dancing."

Wow, how awesome are these two. This couple deserves all of this good will and more after everything they've been through. They turned something tragic and devastating into something truly loving and inspiring. Also, if you want to help send Jen and Jeff on their dream Hawaiian honeymoon, Ota created an online "wedding wish" fund to help cover the expenses.

Check out this heartwarming video from the ceremony:

Congratulations to Jen and Jeff on their dream wedding. And a heartfelt thanks to all the kind, generous vendors who made Jen's wishes come true. We can now only hope that Jen defies all the odds and that the newlyweds go on to live a long, happy, love-filled life together.


Image via Ozperiod/YouTube

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