Teen Trapped in SUV for 18 Hours Saved by a Stranger's Heroic Curiosity

Man rescues young girlAn 18-year-old girl whose car crashed into a creek and who was trapped for 18 hours was rescued by a Good Samaritan whose home she happened to be near. Brad Shearer, a former military criminal investigator, was sitting on his deck, getting ready to grill, when he noticed something shiny. It turned out to be a car, and the person in the car -- Brooke Spence, 18, a recent high school graduate -- was still alive.

This miracle is largely thanks to the fact that Shearer is the kind of man who investigates his curiosities. In fact, the night before, his wife realized (in retrospect) that she HAD heard the crash and ignored the sound.

That is what most of us would do. Much as we think we wouldn't. For the most part, most of us are conditioned to just ignore things that happen and then quickly go away. If Shearer were like most of us, Spence would have died.


Heroes aren't always people who leap into burning buildings at their own peril. Sometimes they are people who go above and beyond the normal course of human action and they stumble upon something. That is what happened to Shearer. He didn't set out to rescue a young girl in peril. He wasn't TRYING to be a hero. And, of course, that is what makes him a hero.

Heroes come from the most mundane moments. Those moments when you are grilling chicken one second and the next you are calling 9-1-1 to rescue a trapped girl. A hero is someone who can spring into action and think beyond the mundane.

It's impressive and also lucky that Spence managed to crash into his backyard. Some people may not have noticed. Some people may have been on vacation or away or ignored the entire thing.

Shearer didn't. Thank goodness for that. We should all take that as a lesson. If something seems weird or out of place, investigate!

Do you think you would investigate something like this?


Image via waferboard/Flickr

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