Man Films Woman Sleeping on Him Mid-Flight & Posts Embarrassing Clip on YouTube (VIDEO)

Awkward flight Steve CullemOh airplanes. Really, I've grown accustomed to your stuffy compartments, lackluster snack options, and eensy little bathrooms with grainy-feeling toilet paper. One thing I'll never get used to? The overwhelming lack of personal space during flight. One lucky man really lost some personal space during a flight when the woman seated next to him decided to catch some sleep, using his shoulder and lap as a pillow. Rather than wake his groggy neighbor, he naturally decided to film the whole interaction and post it onto YouTube. Oh, modern age how I love thee.

This is one tired traveler you have to check out. Oh, and award to Steve Cullum, videographer extraordinaire, for outstanding facial expressions. Let's take a look, shall we?


I mean, it's funny. There's no doubt about that. But for a second let's pause and feel sorta bad for the food-in-mouth unaware center seat sleeper. This woman is an Internet laughing stock just because she's an exhausted traveler. I highly doubt that Steve told her he was gonna post this to YouTube, and now her mug is posted everywhere! I can't help but wonder, are there videos of me somewhere I don't know about? I've most definitely been known to fall asleep in a cab here and there.

The Internet. Officially making us all nervous about our privacy for the rest of eternity.

Would you be mad if this were you? Do you think Steve was wrong for posting this video to YouTube?


Image via SteveCullumVideos/ YouTube

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