7 Controversial Facebook Pics No One Wants to See (PHOTOS)

photos on FacebookAh, Facebook. The place where our "friends" come to judge us and hate on our photos and laugh at us behind our backs. I have such a love/hate relationship with the social networking site. On the one hand, it can bring connections that change our lives. On the other, it can cause anger, confusion, and eye rolling so intense, we practically strain our eyes.

Certain photos, in particular, seem to bring out the Facebook rage. These range from innocent baby photos to obnoxious bikini ones and everything in between. It does seem that certain photos are just almost universally panned by many in our viewing "audience." This does not mean stop posting them. It just means be aware that when you do, you are likely annoying someone.

Here are the seven most annoying Facebook photos that make some people hit "hide" and still others hit "unfriend." See below:

What photos annoy you on Facebook?