Woman Wins Lottery Twice in One Day by Complete Accident

luckFor the few of you who still believe that the world is a fair and decent place, I would like to present to you the woman who won the lottery -- twice -- in one day. By accident. She didn't mean to win $900,000, it just happened. It was like getting a flat, or stepping in gum. Only awesomer. And now she's debt-free with lots o' money to spare. 

How has your week been?


The Australian woman, who, be honest, is probably one of the luckier people you've ever read about, buys a lottery ticket every week. Even plays the same numbers. But this week in particular she happened to forget that she already bought her ticket, so she bought herself another one -- and, yep, both were winners. "Half of that $835,000 will go straight towards the mortgage," the unidentified woman in her 30s said. "I guess it's a good thing we won twice so there's some prize money left over. It will be such a relief to be debt-free."

Now, I'm happy for this woman, really, I am. What a cool, and weird, thing to happen to someone. But spread the love, Universe! Is it really necessary to have one person win twice?! I'm sure she would have been just as excited to learn she won once. And then someone else could have been excited, too. This two wins in one day business seems like a cruel joke.

But here's the thing: This would only happen to a person like this. A person who forgot that she bought a ticket in the first place. Because she let it go. She did it and forgot about it as opposed to obsessing over it and wishing and hoping and praying that she'd win.

I suppose when you think about it that way, the universe is fair and she does deserve it. Now excuse me while I go work on not giving a shit.

Have you ever won the lottery?

Image via Carlos Martinez/Flickr

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