6 Ways to Keep Vicious Internet Haters From Getting You Down

haterBeing a blogger is an awesome job, but I'm not gonna lie, it, like any job, has it's pitfalls. Namely the commenters. While some of you are very insightful and manage to express your criticism in a cogent and respectful way, others not so much. I've had some of the worst things anyone has ever said to me in my entire life by complete strangers. By people who have never spoken to me, and don't know me from Adam. Some of these things have been so mean, I would likely be fired for if I ever published them. And they were on a Housewives post. I get it that it comes with the territory -- you're gonna blog, you're gonna get hated on -- but I can't say every once in a while it doesn't hurt. And I can't say I'm not surprised this is our public discourse.

But I'm not alone.


You, reader, you too, get hated on! By each other! I see you, down below, fighting with one another, calling each other really terrible names and attacking one another. And if it's not on my post, it's on another, or a YouTube video (possibly the worst comments section of all). There may be a weird sense of power or relief that comes with being able to say anything and everything you've ever wanted to say under a the guise of a screen name and an avatar, but you have to admit, sometimes it hurts you, too. I don't know too many people who like being called an "ignorant bitch". Or, sorry, an "IGNORNANT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

But we can deal. We have to deal, because, sadly, this is the way things are right now, and it doesn't seem like anything's going to change any time soon. So here are 6 ways to deal with online haters.

1. Remember: It's not real life! I know it's hard to keep things in perspective when you're neck-deep in Internet conversations, but unlike real life, there's a simple end to Internet hatred: Just log off. Get away from your computer for a while in connect with real life friends who you can have a positive interaction with.

2. Use your real name. Scary, huh? But if you don't hide behind a fake name, you likely won't be tempted to say things you wouldn't say to someone's face. With a real name you've nothing to hide ... right?

3. DON'T USE ALL CAPS AND TONS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is it not a good look, it's basically impossible to gague someone's intended tone online. Caps and exclams make it seem like you're yelling. Really loudly. Also, proper grammar is always en vouge.

4. Don't take cheap shots. Stick to the issue at hand. If you disagree with something someone said, don't go ad hominem on their ass. It is possible to have an intelligent argument on the Internet. I've heard. Full disclosure, I've never actually seen this.

5. If someone is threatening you, call the police. Online hatred may not be fun, but it's sadly par for the course. Harassment, on the other hand, is totally not okay. If someone starts threatening or harassing you in a way that makes you feel scared or uncomfortable, call authorities. There's a line -- and anyone's IP address can be found out.

6. When all else fails, look at this GIF.

How do you deal with Internet haters?


Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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