Heroic Man Swims 5 Hours in Order to Keep Family From Drowning (VIDEO)

john riggsTalk about a bad-ass hero. A father swam for five hours in order to save his family after a boat they were on capsized two miles offshore in Maryland. John Riggs left his sister, Contessa Riggs; his father, John Riggs, 70; his niece Emily Horn, 9; and his nephew Conrad Drake, 3, all clinging to a boat while he swam through rough, jellyfish-infested waters, looking for help. Riggs swam three miles, stopping only once to rest on a crab pot buoy, before he reached the rocky coast and found a door to knock on. "I've been swimming since sundown; I need help," Riggs told the homeowners. They immediately contacted 911, and rescue workers were rushed to the family in boats and helicopters. Everyone is alive, thanks to John's bravery. But man, talk about having to make a call.


John had to leave four members of his family -- including two children -- in order to maybe save their lives. I mean, it really didn't sound like there were too many other options, but I can't imagine how hard it had to have been to make the decision to leave everyone and get help. Especially since there was always the possibility that something could have happened to them while he was gone, or vice versa. It's the kind of decision that only a true leader would be able to make, because, like I said, there are no guarantees in a situation like that.

So happy that everyone is now safe and sound, but I'm thinking it will probably be quite some time before any of them hop aboard a boat to go fishing again. Particularly if John isn't with them.

What would you have done in this situation? Would you have been able to leave your family?


Image via Denise Sawyer/YouTube

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