5 Facebook Updates You Will Absolutely Regret Posting

facebookSocial media regret. It's happened to the best of us. At the time, for whatever reason, we think it's a good idea to post something. We're feeling confident, on top of the world; or pissed and want to vent. So we take to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to voice our in-the-moment feelings. And then minutes or days later, we're filled with regret. What possessed me to write that status update? Why on earth did I post that photo?

You're not alone, friend. But learn from your mistakes. Here are 5 things you'll without question regret posting to Facebook.

Step away from the keyboard.


1. You're pissed at someone. Whether you want to openly vent about your boss (don't ever do that) or vaguebook about a salty comment a friend made, airing your dirty laundry on Facebook is never a good idea and one you'll surely come to regret. It sounds corny, but instead of taking your frustrations to social media, try writing an email to yourself. When you read it in an hour or so, you'll be happy you kept things to yourself.

2. Drunk photos. In the moment, you probably don't see anything wrong with uploading a few wastyface photos. In fact, you and your friends probably think it's an awesome idea. But it's not. And when you log on sober the following day, you'll see why.

3. Revealing your crush. Odds of this happening the same night you post wastyface photos are pretty high. But again, try to refrain. Nothing wrong with letting someone know you think they're the bee's knees, but no need to announce it to the world. You may wind up feeling a little silly afterwards.

4. Super sexy selfies. I'm not a prude here, but some things people just don't want to see on their newsfeeds. And regardless of how good you look, you, bikini-clad and making duck face, is probably among them. If you're feeling good and want to capture the moment, by all means, do so. But keep it to yourself. You don't want your boss or parents' friend to see the pic.

5. Proclaiming your love for someone two weeks after you started dating. Not only do others find public proclamations of love on Facebook kind of annoying, you seriously might weird your new love out. Express your feelings the old-fashioned way: Via text.

Have you ever regretting posting something to social media?


Image via mkhmarketing/Flickr

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