Bride-to-Be Who Saved Child's Life During Engagement Shoot Knows the True Meaning of Love (VIDEO)

becki salmon saves little boy from drowningWhen you're planning your wedding, it's possible to get all-consumed by the process. Even if you have lots of other things going on in your life, you can end up with blinders on. And there are many times when it's perfectly acceptable for that to be the case! Like during an engagement shoot, for instance! But bride-to-be Becki Salmon knew she had to put that special, romantic moment with her fiance Matt Werner on hold when she saw a little boy fall into the Wissahickon Creek in Fairmount Park outside of Philadelphia.

Becki tells local ABC affiliate, "He was obviously struggling to get back to the surface. His head went back. He was bobbing up and down. I knew he was going under." That's when she knew she had to do something. Becki jumped into the creek fully clothed. She sas that even if she had had her wedding dress on, that's what she would have "been in the water in." Awesome.


Check out how the whole thing went down ...

Amazing, truly. It's nothing short of admirable and courageous how Becki didn't even think for a second -- she just did what she knew she had to to save that little boy. Goes to show this is one bride with a seriously huge, selfless heart -- and after this, it's even clearer just how much she deserves her happily ever after with that husband-to-be who knows (maybe even more than she does!) what a heroine she is.

How awesome is this?!


Image via WPVI

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