Man Sends the Most Embarrassing Email Ever to His Coworkers

We know guys love to send dick pics -- but usually not to everyone in the office. At least, you hope not. But one guy did exactly that -- by mistake (soooo he says). Gerard Robson, a security supervisor at JFK International Airport, was reportedly trying to send a picture of a car accident to all of his coworkers. But instead he sent another kind of image you just can't look away from -- his genitalia.


According to the New York Post, Robson's dick pic showed him "waist down, naked penis out, belly and all." Eww, belly! He was reportedly using his company-issued BlackBerry when he dick-piced dozens of coworkers, including supervisors. Ey, ey, ey. Technology. Ain't it a dick.

Realizing his error, Robson probably picked himself up off the floor. Then he emailed a mea culpa:

Earlier this morning, while I was sending out a notification regarding a Motor Vehicle Accident, I had taken several pictures of the vehicle. In error, I accidentally attached a very inappropriate photo and without realizing the mistake, continued to send out the notification with the photograph attachment. Please accept my sincere apology as I am truly sorry for my actions.

I feel really sorry for Robson, who was suspended. Our devices are so much a part of our professional and personal lives now that each has encroached on the other. Which of us doesn't sit there at work also sending out personal emails? Who doesn't go home at night and send out professional emails? It's all muddled up into one big professopersonal life experience. Which can make for some embarrassing email/text mistakes. Emails bitching about a coworker mistakenly sent to that coworker. Sexts sent to your mother.

At least he didn't do it on purpose like so many dudes do these days. But seriously, how embarrassing to have your coworkers and bosses know exactly what your junk looks like -- or maybe not? Maybe he's the Justin Theroux of JFK.

Hopefully Robson gets to keep his job. But he might want to have two BlackBerries from now on -- one for his job, one for his extracurricular activities. In fact, that might be good advice for us all.

Have you ever sent an embarrassing email to someone?


Image via Joi/Flickr

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