5 Things We Won't Miss About Facebook When It's Gone

thumbs upFirst of all, don't worry. Facebook isn't going anywhere. Yet. But there will be a time, guys, when the social network you know and love so much will fade to black. Maybe it'll be in five years from now, maybe it'll be in 50. But one day you're going to go to log into your Facebook account only to be met with a message that reads: "Sorry, We're Closed." Okay, so it probably won't go down exactly like that, but you get the general gist of what I'm saying here: At some point, we'll live in a world without Facebook.

And it'll be awesome.

Sure, there will be a few things we'll all miss about ol' FB once it plummets into the cyber abyss, joining Friendster and MySpace. But not these 5 things.


1. Poking. Honestly, what is the point of poking? I never got it. I never will. And in 50 years from now when we're trying to explain to our grandkids what the hell poking was, they'll laugh at us. And then disown us as their grandma or grandpa.

2. Seeing what music people listened to and/or articles they read online. Isn't the concept of Facebook enough in and of itself? We get to see other people's vacation photos and dinners and play-by-plays of their trips to get coffee. Do we really need to see what they're doing in between Facebooking?

3. Feeling like our privacy is constantly being invaded. It's hard to shake the feeling that every time you post something to Facebook, it's being sold to the Eye of Mordor, where it will remain for an eternity. Thanks but no thanks on that one.

4. Wasting our time. Don't be surprised if, when the day Facebook goes away, the world simultaneously loses 30 pounds, cleans their house, and gets a promotion. It's a time suck, peeps.

5. Living life to post. Don't deny it. You've been smack dab in the middle of a beautiful moment when you thought: This would look great on Facebook. We've all done it. And it's gross. So good riddance to that.

What won't you miss about Facebook?

Image via Sarah Reid/Flickr

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