George Zimmerman Lawyer's Ice Cream-Eating Selfie Is Out of Order

don west george zimmerman ice cream selfieYour honor, I object! Yesterday a tweeted photo surfaced of George Zimmerman's lawyer, Don West, eating soft-serve ice cream cones with his daughter Molly and another woman. Innocent enough as selfies go -- except for the caption. Molly posted it from her Twitter account, saying "We beat stupidity celebration cones #zimmerman #defense #dadkilledit." Ooh, Molly, isn't it a little early in the trial for an obnoxious end-zone dance?


Buzzfeed did the forensics, and going by the evidence (West's tie) it appears the selfie was taken on the day of his opening statements, when he told a knock-knock joke. I believe this was also the day West claimed that Trayvon Martin was "armed with a concrete sidewalk," so... I guess stupidity is open to interpretation.

Anyway, West's legal team scrambled last night to do damage control over Molly's gauche tweet. A spokesman says Molly is "mortified." Don West says, "We're not always pround of things our children do, but we love them anyway, and then we move on. We understand the context of the comments with what's happened in court this week are grossly insensitive." Ya think, Don? Meanwhile, Molly has deleted her Twitter account. 

What do you think Molly's photo and caption reveals about her dad's attitude about the case?


Image via Twitter

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