10 Superhero Moms Who Deserve a Medal for Bravery

Kiri Blakeley | Jun 27, 2013 Good News

What mothers won't do for their children! Yes, we breastfeed or bottle feed or otherwise keep them alive. Yes, we pack lunches. Yes, we help with homework. Yes, we scold, praise, and everything in between. But some moms take it to a whole new level -- because they had to. They were given no choice. Any moment, any one of us might be faced with a life or death situation. These moments propel us from a loving, caring mom to a mom who kicks ass. Here are 10 brave moms doing what they needed to do to save their kids. Don't mess with a mom!


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  • Mom Takes On Attack Dogs


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    Florida mom Brandy Bookamer was walking with her 6-year-old daughter when five pit bulls suddenly began chasing them. She screamed at her daughter to run and then took them on. She sustained injuries, but her daughter was fine.

  • Mom Dives Into Freezing River


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    A 34-year-old mom in London was walking with her 2-year-old daughter, who suddenly darted away and fell into the famous Thames. The mom dove into the freezing waters, grabbed her daughter, and held onto her until help arrived.

  • Mom Saves Baby From Crazy Cab


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    A mom and her baby were walking down the street when an out-of-control taxi suddenly veered into them, smashing into the baby's stroller, and pinning the 8-month-old girl under the car. Mom dove underneath the cab to retrieve her child without waiting for help. Mom and baby were fine.

  • Mom Dives Out Window After Baby


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    A 14-month-old boy was bouncing on a bed when he suddenly bounced up and out the half-open window. Mom happened to come into the room at that moment and did what most moms would do -- she smashed through glass and dove through the window after him. She caught his foot and they plummeted to an overhang below. Grandma, who happened to be standing below, then took over and caught the tot.

  • Mom Saves Kids From Tornado


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    When a tornado blew into Indiana and mom Stephanie Decker was home alone with her two kids, she tied a blanket around both of them and then tied the blanket to herself. She then threw herself on top of them as the storm ravaged the area. Falling debris hit Stephanie and she lost both her legs -- but her children were fine.

  • Mom Chases After Daughter's Kidnapper


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    A mom in New Mexico, Melissa Torrez, watched in horror as a man in a car suddenly snatched up her 4-year-old girl, who'd been playing in the front yard. Mom didn't wait for help, she jumped in her own car and sped off after the man. She followed him for seven miles before smashing her car into his. The suspect fled on foot and her daughter was recovered unharmed.

  • Mom Shoots Intruder Who Came After Her & Kids


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    A mother in Georgia was home alone with her 9-year-old twins when a man broke into her house. She grabbed her babies and hid in the attic as the man rifled through her belongings. But then he made a big mistake and opened the attic door -- that's when he found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. Mom fired six times, hitting him in the neck and face. The man still was able to flee, but was later arrested.

  • Mom Takes a Beating in Silence


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    A mom in New Jersey was watching cartoons with her 3-year-old daughter, her 1-year-old son sleeping upstairs, when a man kicked his way into her house and began beating her up and stealing her things. The mom chose to take the beating in silence rather than scream and alarm her children, who might then cry and bring the man's wrath upon them. Mom is recovering and the kids are okay.

  • Mom Confronts Terrorist


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    Mom of two and Brownie leader Ingrid Loyau-Kennett witnessed a bloody fatal attack upon a soldier in the streets of London. Worried that the machete-wielding maniac who killed the soldier might turn on children in the area, Loyau-Kennett jumped out of her passing bus, walked straight up to the man, and talked him out of harming anyone else. Police arrived and shot him and another suspect.

  • Mom Catches Pedophile


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    A mom was walking down a busy street with her 10-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son when the daughter suddenly screamed that a passing man had groped her. The mom took off after the man, and snapped a pic of him with her cellphone. She then promptly brought it to police, who were able to arrest the man, who was a known pedophile.

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