7 Ways Technology Is Ruining Your Life

laptopWhile technology has made our lives easier, it's simultaneously managed to ruin them. And it sucks. Think about it, which would you rather have: An easy, ruinous life, or a mildly inconvenient, joyous one? I think most of us would say the latter.

Howevs, technology isn't going anywhere, so we're all just going to have to deal. But we need to be wary. We need to be vigilant. And we need to proceed with the utmost of caution, because if we don't pay close enough attention, our phones and our computers will completely take over our lives. (As if they haven't already.)

Here are 7 ways technology is ruining our lives. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


1. Social media makes us envious. In case you've never happened upon one of the nine billion studies that have been done, let me enlighten you: It's been proven over and over again that Facebook and Twitter and Instagram make us jealous over other people's awesome lives. Who needs that? (And most of it's a lie, anyway.)

2. Our eyes become donuts around our smartphones: Glazed. The next time you're out in public, I want you to do me a favor and take a good, hard look around. What do you see? If you see happy people talking and interacting with one another, please, take me to your leader. Odds are, everyone around is looking down at their phones, ignoring the real world around them. Gross. And very isolating.

3. We're living for social media. Admit it: You've been in the middle of a fantastic moment and thought, "Gosh, this sure would look great on Facebook or Instagram." Again, gross. It takes away from the awesomeness that's going on.

4. We let people's "likes" and comments get us down. Whether you post something to Facebook and it gets no love or someone tells you you're the "worst writer in the world" in the comments section of a blog (hypothetically speaking), it affects you. Who needs random people crapping up our days when we've got enough shit to stress out about?

5. We're constantly distracted. Even when we aren't expecting a text or a phone call or an email, it's hard to shake the feeling that we are. In the old days, when we went on vacation, we left our phones and laptops at home. Now they come with us like another member of the family. It's hard to fully relax with that feeling.

6. We have to be camera-ready 24/7. Long gone are the days when we could go to sleep at night without applying self-tanner and a pair of false eyelashes. These days, what with everyone posting everything to Facebook, you never know when you're going to wind up on the Internet. Don't you miss looking like shit and none the wiser?

7. It's hard to be incommunicado.Years ago, if you went a few days without returning someone's call, it was no biggie. People had lives, and the way we got messages was via answering machine, or if you were high-falutin', caller ID. Now if you don't respond to a voicemail, you get a text. And if you don't respond to a text, a search party is sent out for you. A little peace would be nice.

Is technology ruining your life?


Image via Mike Licht/Flickr

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