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Twitter Skewers Paula Deen With #PaulasBestDishes Jokes & Photos

Good News Suzanne Murray Jun 22, 2013

paula deenPaula Deen is out at the Food Network. The channel is not renewing the Southern cooking queen's contract and many are saying good riddance, especially after seeing Deen's lame apology video. When news came out Wednesday that the celeb chef admitted in court depositions that she had used the N-word as a joke (!) and supposedly planned a "slave theme party," fans and non-fans alike were disgusted. The butter really hit the pan when Deen's "apology" video fell a little, uh, short. The Food Network is blaming Deen's PR team for that. But still. OMG.

It doesn't look like anyone is going to be forgiving Deen anytime soon and Twitter has gone wild mocking Deen with racially charged jokes and the hashtag #paulasbestdishes. A sampling of dish suggestions: Lynchin' Lemonade; Mulatto Marble Cake; Back Of The Bus Biscuits; Fresh Picked Cotton Candy; South shall rise again Soufflé. Some creative new "Paula Deen products" and other photos are also circulating:

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