Instagram's New Video Feature Is Just Another Waste of Time

camera phoneIf in the recent past you've thought to yourself: You know what I could use? More wasted time on social media, you're in luck. Selfie and Food Photo Mecca, Instagram, now is also offering short videos, a la the Vine app. (In fact, it's basically a carbon copy of Vine.) So now you don't have to just look at people's duck faces and lattes as a still -- you can see them in motion!

Sorry, bosses out there! Looks like your employees are about to get even less effective!


Now, one interesting thing about the new video aspect is that it's less "perfected" than a still. You can't edit objects out of frame and filter things just so. As Huffington Post's Bianca Bosker put it: "Even with Instagram's filters and Vine's simple photo-editing tools, video is still harder to fake, pose and perfect; it captures not just an instant, but a period in time." True. And that actually is kind of cool. We're so used to seeing such highly-stylized photos, seeing what a person "really" looks like, is oddly fascinating. But still. This is just another waste of time. Another excuse to bury our eyes and noses into our phones. What are we supposed to gain from this?

I love Instagram just as much as the next guy, and yes, I am guilty of taking and liking photos of completely mundane things. But how much more disconnected and distracted can we get? Taking the time to watch a video of someone watering their flowers is going to take at least three times as long as merely scrolling past the photo and giving it a quick glance.

I really am not sure where social media goes from here. Kind of seems like we've reached our limit. I guess longer videos could always be offered, but isn't that what YouTube is for? To be honest, I'm hesitant to check out this new Instagram feature at all, because, like with all things social media, it's probably kind of addictive.

And I really don't need another social media addiction, thanks.

Are you excited about Instagram videos?


Image via Jason Pratt/Flickr

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