Facebook Accused of Ruining Relationships Because It Makes Stalking & Cheating Easy

carA recent study has concluded that couples who are active on Facebook tend to have more loving, fulfilled relationships. Just kidding. Facebook does more harm than good in all aspects of life. You know that. The study actually claims the opposite, saying that couples who are on Facebook have higher incidents of cheating than those who aren't. Go figure.

Now, I don't think that Facebook is responsible for the demise of couples who genuinely have solid relationships, but for those who don't, of course Facebook is going to make them more apt to cheat. I mean, have you ever logged on?


FarmVille and Spotify aside, the point of Facebook is to connect people. It connects people with random guys and girls from high school. It connects people with random guys and girls they just met at a bar. And it's easy, good Lord is it easy. All you have to do is hit "friend" or "accept," and boom, you're in each other's social network. No need for actual human contact -- everything is merely at the click of a button.

And, see, that's the problem. Connecting -- or reconnecting -- with people is too easy these days. Everything is at our fingertips. That dude you never really got over from college? He's right there! That girl you always kind of had a crush on? Again, there. And let's not forget, people only post their "best selves" on the Internet. Of course that guy you always thought was hot is going to look extra hot on Facebook -- he's in complete control of what you get to see!

I'm a firm believer that Facebook doesn't necessarily turn us into completely different people, but instead awakens things that previously lie dormant. In other words, if you're not a cheater, and you're in a good relationship, the site isn't going to wreck what you've got going on. But on the flip side, if you are and you're not, odds aren't in your relationship's favor. Really not in your favor. So maybe, just maybe, it's time to log off?

What do you think of this?


Image via denharsh/Flickr

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