7 Ways to Make Your Kids Look Like the Best in the World on Facebook

kid in pool
Who's happier than this kid?
Do you have the best, smartest, most well-behaved kids in the world? You don't? No matter! It's easy to make little Billy look like he made the honor roll (again), and little Sally look like she was potty-trained at 4 months on Facebook. All you have to do is follow a few handy-dandy tips. You have an Avid Editing Machine, right? Just kidding! It really is ridiculously easy.

Here are seven ways to make your kids look like the awesome-est on Facebook. Happy lying!


1. Photograph them when they're sleeping. Even if your kid just raised hell, there's no way he or she could look like anything other than an angel when asleep. Anyone looks peaceful when they're sleeping, but there's something extra special about a sleeping child.

2. Never, ever upload a photo of a crying or pouting baby onto Facebook. Just smiling, happy, laughing photos all the time. People will be like, "What's your secret?! Your kid never cries!" And you'll be like, "I know, right?!"

3. Post photos of your kids' awesome grades/projects/whatever. Even if it's the only test they didn't fail all year, no one else needs to know that.

4. See what other awesome kids are doing on the Internet. And then copy.

5. Post photos of kids while they're in the pool or the bath. Rare is the child who cries in water, right? Your friends will not only think your kid is the happiest one on the block, they'll think you're a fun mom, who also happens to keep her kids clean. Triple win.

6. Just flat-out lie. Doesn't get much easier than that, now does it? Your kid could have just thrown a tantrum of the most epic proportions, but if your status update reads something like, "Love my little girl! She just brought me a wheel barrow full of flowers for no reason at all!" none the wiser, amiright comrade?

7. Use other people's kids. Hey, this is social media. You don't have to meet anyone face-to-face. Here, anything's believable.

Is your kid totally awesome on Facebook?


Image via garyt70/Flickr

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