iPhone's New Look Called a Disaster but Is It Really That Bad?

iphoneUsually, it's Facebook who's at the center of "redesign" controversies, but not today. Today, Apple and their iOS 7 update has fanboys, tech writers, and average Joes alike complaining about the "child-like" and "shockingly basic" new software. The changes were revealed on Monday, and they're being referred to as the biggest overhaul of the operating system since the iPhone debuted in 2007. Some of the new features are a sleek, new layout with new colors and icons that have a layered, translucent appearance; an Activation Lock, which will supposedly be "a really powerful theft deterrent"; and an update to the hearing-challenged personal assistant Siri, which will have all new male and female voices and is now directly integrated with Bing.

Sounds good to me. So, what seems to be the problem, Officer?


In addition to some complaining about the "simple" software, some are complaining that the new look is confusing and sort of copies competing smartphones like Android (close your ears, Cook!). But here's what I think: People do not like change when it comes to their technology.

People like what they know. It's the same thing every time Facebook rolls out a new design. People are up in arms, complaining, and then a week later, they barely remember what the old design looked like. Then, the next time a redesign takes places, everyone's all: "Oh! But we liked the old way!"

Part of the reason we love Apple is because it's so user-friendly. And if the new redesign isn't as user-friendly as we're used to, it's understandable why people will be confused/mad/sad/nervous/etc. But we're smart. We'll figure it out and get used to it. And then when they revamp their operating system again, we'll become irate. It's the circle of life.

What do you think of Apple's new redesign?


Image via Yeray Hdez Guerra/Flickr

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