5 Ways You Know It's Time to Stop Posting Photos of Your Kids Online

thumbs upAs parents, it's instinctive to want to show off photos of our amazingly talented, unbelievably beautiful children. Just log on to Facebook or Instagram -- you're bound to be bombarded with images of kids doing all sorts of cute things from loving moms and dads. 

But when is it time to stop, or at least scale back a bit? I, personally, don't have a Facebook account, but if I did, I would probably post less and less the older my daughter got.

Everyone is different, and clearly there are no set of rules, but here are 5 things that may be indicators that it's time to stop posting photos of your kids online.


1. They have a Facebook account themselves. If your kid has a Facebook account, and the two of you are friends, maybe don't post photos of him or her. What's cute to you may be embarrassing to them.

2. They aren't old enough for a Facebook account, but are old enough to know what Facebook is. Like I said, as parents, we all want to share pictures of our sweet babies with the world, but when they surpass the toddler age group and get into "big kid" territory, might be best to scale back. Yes, you're the boss, but they're their own little person at this point. They may not want their pic online.

3. After you take a photo of them, they ask you if you're going to "post it to Facebook". If your child is big enough to ask this question -- and they think to ask this question -- might want to ease up on uploading their photos online. May be a sign you're posting too many photos of them. And you don't want them thinking a million people are going to see every photo you take of them.

4. Friends and/or followers you don't really know could recognize your kid's face and name. Spotting a specific baby in a crowd would be hard for someone who doesn't really know them. But spotting a bigger kid isn't so hard. If you have a million Facebook friends or Instagram followers -- and they're people you don't really know -- might be smart to cut back the bigger your kid gets. Or only be friends with people you know and trust.

5. Your kid asks you to stop posting pictures of them/your child is camera shy. Doesn't get much clearer than this, now does it?

Do you post photos of your kids online?


Image via vincentsl/Flickr

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