Woman Discovers Online Boyfriend Is Actually Her Stalker Ex-Husband

No matter how many times people are warned about conversing with strangers online, people do it. People have a driving need for human interaction, and as our lives become more and more isolated -- working from home, living far away from family, conversing with friends only through social media -- that intense need for human interaction can loosen your grip on common sense. How else to explain that when a woman met a charming man on a dating site, she struck up an intense online-only relationship with him that included delving into all of the details of her horrible relationship with her ex-husband? The woman was in for a shock when it turned out that the man she'd been confiding in for a year was -- none other than her ex-husband.


The ex-husband, Brian Matthew Cornelius, reportedly set up a fake dating profile, complete with pictures he found on Google, to woo his ex-wife, with whom he'd had a contentious divorce and was battling over custody issues.

For whatever reason, the woman allowed the fake man, who she knew as "Aaron Carpenter," into every little detail of her life, including her tribulations with her ex. She would also tell "Aaron" where she'd be going that day -- only to have her ex strangely show up at the same place.

And for some bizarre reason, she allowed "Aaron" -- a man she'd never met in person -- to talk her out of getting an order of protection against her ex.

Sounds like somebody was in desperate need of an ear (a real one). Did this woman have no one, not a female pal, not a family member, she could turn to for advice and comfort? She had to do it all with a man she only knew from his online profile? Did she not follow that whole Manti Te'o saga?

Such as it is these days. We get so wrapped up in what's online, we forget it's not necessarily real. And we should NEVER forget that. Online is not life! I'm not blaming the woman -- her ex sounds completely unhinged and pathetic -- but it can't hurt to have an in-person meeting with someone before telling him the nitty gritty of your life.

Cornelius has been charged with stalking. Duh.

Have you ever been fooled by someone you met online?

Image via Rob Boudon/Flickr

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