Our Passwords May Soon Be Replaced With Tattoos & Pills -- but Wouldn’t That Be Worse?

Passwords. They are the bane of my existence! It'd be easy to have your password for your email accounts, your phone account, your bank account, your online shopping site accounts, social media accounts, etc., etc., ALL be the same password, but that's not only a real security risk, it's actually kind of impossible now since so many places are beginning to demand that your password contain two numbers and one symbol or one capital letter or whatever, and then you'd have to go back and change all of the others to make the PWs uniform, and that takes time, so you don't, and the next thing you know, you've got 20 different passwords! But a recent tech conference unveiled a few different ideas that companies are working on to keep track of your passwords that doesn't require writing them down, nor your memory. And some of them are pretty weird.


One is an electronic tattoo. Yes, an actual tattoo embedded on your skin would contain your password. But the tattoos sound kind of icky, described as "embedded sensors and an antenna." Sounds like the kind of thing that would give you cancer or have the government, or at least aliens, spying on you.

Another idea is a pill that you would swallow that contains all of your passwords. After you swallow the pill, which contains a tiny microchip, "the acids in your stomach serve as an electrolyte and power it up," says Regina Dugan, head of Motorola's Advanced Technology & Projects department.

Now you just have to touch your phone or computer and your password would zoom from your stomach to your log-in! Hmm. I really don't want to swallow a password pill. What if you get sick and throw it up? 

Something creepy and Big Brothery about these password ideas so far, but we really do need to find some other way to securitize our accounts though -- passwords are just a pain in the fingers.

What do you do to keep track of your passwords? Would you use a password tattoo or pill?


Image via ghindo/Flickr

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