6 Ways to Make Your Vacation Seem Like the Best Ever on Facebook

positanoBecause there aren't enough studies on how Facebook turns people into lying liars, new research shows that people's shiny, happy, seemingly-relaxing vacation photos on the social media site are completely bogus. I mean, we're not talking PhotoShopped tropical backdrops here (though I wouldn't put it past some!), but we are talking only including the good stuff.

Eleazar Eusebio, assistant professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, said that "trip editing" isn't a surprise to him. "We have a social pressure to portray what we're doing as positive. You don't want to be 'that person' because you'll call yourself out as an outlier. We don't want [friends] to say 'they are a downer because they can't have a good time.'"

Sad. But in the spirit of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em", here are 6 ways to make your craptacular vacation look like a blast.


1. If you go somewhere warm, post photos from toward the end of your trip. Here's the thing, guys: When you have a tan, everything looks vacationy and fun. "Wow, look at how tan they are!" your friends will think while they go through your photo album. There could be a dead body in the background, but trust me, all people will see is your darkened complexion.

2. Take photos of the sites. If everyone is cranky and the air conditioner in your mo/hotel is broken, no need to upload. That won't make people jealous. But you know what will? Oceans, mountains, your feet buried halfway in the sand! Facebook is nothing if not a smoke and mirrors act. Come on, guys, what is this? Amateur hour?

3. Take photos of your food. Seriously, do plates of food ever get old on Facebook? Ooh, and cocktails! Alcoholic beverages are huge on Facebook!

4. Take photos at the really nice hotel. (The one you're not staying at.) You don't have to caption it: "The hotel down the road." Lying by omission is technically not a lie on Facebook. 

5. Take a photo of your passport and upload it right before you leave. Be vague, but be sure to include a caption like "Bon voyage!" Or if you're going to Italy, you can write "Ciao!" It'll whet your friends' beaks for the visual awesomeness they're about to be assaulted with.

6. Have the waiter/waitress take one photo of you and whomever you're with at dinner. I mean, come on. How bad could your trip really be? You've got time off of work and you're having someone wait on you while you eat. That's fun for anyone. Even if the AC is broken in your room and your flight was delayed 40 hours, you'll look back on it one day and smile.

Do you lie in your vacation photos? Just a little?


Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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