6 Triumphant Boston Marathon Survivors: Where They Are Now (PHOTOS)

Jeanne Sager | May 29, 2013 Good News

Sydney Corcoran prom queenNeed some good news? I know I do! It's been nearly two months since the bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, and there's good news to report about the victims. Plenty of good news, in fact -- from survivors given the huge honor of throwing out the first pitch at Major League Baseball games to one injured high schooler being named her school's prom queen.

These highs come after one of the lowest of lows: having their lives ripped apart by terrorists on a day that should have been a celebration. Marathon Monday is an actual holiday in Boston, a day when the city takes a break to celebrate what it means to be a Bostonian. So much was taken from these people on that day.

But they are Americans. They aren't going to allow the terrorists to win.

And their triumphs in recent days are a symbol of the American spirit. Here's a look at some of the stories that have really made us grin.

Which one hits you?


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  • Jeff Bauman and Carlos Arredondo Throw Out First Pitch at Red Sox Game


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    Jeff Bauman and Carlos Arredondo both became household names on April 15, when a photo of Bauman in a wheelchair, his legs severely damaged by the bomb, went viral. Behind him, pushing the wheelchair as fast as he could, was Arredondo, an anti-war activist who was at the marathon to watch a runner running on behalf of his son, who'd died in Iraq.

    The victim and his rescuer were honored together on Tuesday night at Boston's Fenway Park where they threw out ceremonial pitches simultaneously, Arredondo to David Ortiz, and Bauman to Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

  • 12-Year-Old Aaron Hern Gets to Hang With His Heroes


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    The Red Sox weren't the only baseball team paying tribute to the bombing's survivors this week. All the way across the country, the Oakland A's welcomed one of the youngest victims of the tragedy, 12-year-old Aaron Hern.

    The California native was in Boston back in April to cheer on his mom, Katherine, who was running the race. The bombing did a number on his legs, requiring several surgeries at Boston's Children's Hospital.

    Several A's stars visited him in the hospital when they were in town for a game, and when he got back home, they invited him to the ballpark to meet the team, get a tour of the clubhouse, and throw out a pitch.

  • Jane Richard Goes Home


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    The Richard family was among the hardest hit in the bombing. Son Martin, just 8 years old, died in the blast. Mom Denise lost the sight in one eye. And 7-year-old daughter Jane Richard went through 12 surgeries over the course of several weeks.

    Finally, last week, little Jane, an Irish step dancer who lost a leg in the blast, went home to be with her family.

    She's not the first to go home, nor will she be the last, but the little girl's story has been one that's touched hearts around the world. Her family has been through so much, we can only hope that this will help them as they try to heal their broken hearts.

  • Sydney Corcoran Crowned Prom Queen


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    On April 15, Sydney Corcoran was photographed lying on the sidewalk, a young man in a red shirt crouched over here, trying to keep her alive. The teenager's leg was severely injured in the explosion, and her mom, Celeste Corcoran, lost both of her legs.

    This week Sydney was able to attend her prom -- albeit on crutches -- where the students of Lowell High School elected her the prom queen!

  • Brittany Loring and Liza Cherney Graduate From Boston College


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    Brittany Loring and Liza Cherney were both in their final semesters at Boston College when they decided to attend the Boston Marathon. Both were at the finish line and badly hurt. Loring, in particular, needed three operations to repair shrapnel damage to her left leg.

    But both managed to finish the semester and walk at Boston College's recent graduation ceremonies, receiving their graduate degrees from the Carroll School of Management.

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