7 Reasons Every Mom Needs Facebook

facebook There's a decent amount of Facebook bashing that goes on on the Internet -- and with good reason. It's easy (and kind of amusing) to poke fun at a website that features endless photos of people's kids, cats, and dinners. It's weird when you think about it. But on the flip side, and in the spirit of not being such a killjoy, Facebook is also awesome -- especially when you're a mom.

Here are 7 reasons every mom ought to have a Facebook account.


1. It connects us with the outside world. Being a mom can be lonely sometimes -- especially if you stay at home with the kids all day. On those days when it's raining and there's nary a playdate in sight (and you're on the 47th game of peek-a-boo), it's nice to log on for a minute and feel connected to the outside, adult world.

2. It helps us make mom friends. Having kids automatically bonds you to other people who have kids. But at the same time, it's not always easy to make mom friends. Being on Facebook can help you reconnect with other parents you may not have otherwise gotten in touch with. Moms are always looking for friends and things to do. So go on, email that random girl from high school who has a son your daughter's age.

3. You can share photos. When you're a parent, your days of having "time to spare" are few and far between. So, odds are, after you put the littles to bed, you'd rather veg out on the couch with a glass of wine the size of your head as opposed to emailing the latest photos of your kids out to friends. With Facebook, simply upload, and boom, done. Everyone gets to see your presh children and you still have time for that wine.

4. You can get your news/celeb gossip/whatever from Facebook. If something big is happening in the world -- be it a natural disaster or Kourtney Kardashian cutting bangs -- it'll be on Facebook. As a parent, you probably don't have as much time to peruse your fave news and celeb sites anymore, so Facebook can act as an aggregate for you.

5. It gives you ideas. Yeah, there's Pinterest, but that is a black hole of artisan drinks and ombre cakes if I've ever seen one. It's a gorgeous site, but no, you don't have time to scroll through for hours on end. Get ideas from "friends" for parties, crafts, etc. If it's cool, they're going to post it on Facebook.

6. It gives you DEALS. Yeah, there's Groupon, but again, the less sites you have to peruse, the better. If you "like" your favorite pages on Facebook, you're bound to come across some pretty good deals.

7. It can give you a good laugh. Unless your only friends on Facebook are Christian Bale and The Cure's Robert Smith, you're probably going to get a good chuckle or two when you log on. Whether it's someone posting one of those silly "Some eCards" or a friend's hilarious recap of their puppy crapping on their floor, you're going to laugh. And every mom needs that.

Do you use Facebook?


Image via Brian Smith/Flickr

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