Boston Marathon Final Mile Becomes a Thing of Hope Again

In an inspiring tribute and an act of perserverance and ultimate triumph, about 3,000 runners and bombing victims got together and ran the final mile of the Boston Marathon today. The traditionally hopeful final mile was robbed from runners and spectators on April 15 when two suspects decided to turn the event into a horrifying massacre. But today, they took it back.


The event, known as OneRun, was organized as a tribute to first-responders and victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and allowed runners who didn't get to finish do so. The choir from St. Ann Parish, where 8-year-old victim Martin Richard’s family worshipped sang the National Anthem.

Even these cute kids came out to show support!

Boston marathon final mile OneRun kids

What a wonderful and fulfilling event! I hope everyone involved was filled with a sense of gratitude and the ongoing fortitude of our great country. 

How do you maintain hope after a painful event?


Images via @guin86/Twitter and @susantran/Twitter

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