Cancer Patient Proposes to Girlfriend After Getting Cutting-Edge Treatment That Could Save His Life

Proposal, cancerIf you can muddle through the infinite amount of silly, nonsensical, and downright vicious gah-bage that lives online, you can also find amazing examples of love if you want to. Like the kind of love that makes you appreciate love, even if they’re not in love yourself. This is one of those stories.

25-year-old Dale Monteith suffers from chronic myeloid leukemia, an aggressive cancer that attacks the blood. He went undiagnosed for five years and by the time he finally started getting treatment, the cancer had morphed into a force stronger than every attempt at medication, radiation, even five chemotherapies.

Through all of the trial-and-errors and disappointments, his girlfriend, Jewell, was there to support him. 


In January, Dale entered a study for a new drug called Ponatinib that finally, finally managed to knock his cancer into remission. (Hooray!!!) That’s the first act of their magnificent story. The second act plays out in a heartwarming video that, despite much effort and many exhaustive sighs, I can't get to post. 

The day he was scheduled to get a bone marrow transplant—what he now refers to as his “new birthday”—was the day he started his life over again. And he did it by proposing to Jewell in front of the nurses and doctors who had been caring for him, even chipped in financially to help him pop the really big question to his woman and mother to their newborn son. On bended knee, he thanked her for “always having his back” and asked her to be his wife.  

It’s easy to forget how powerful and effortless love really is. We spend so much time picking apart the complexities of relationships and analyzing the chaos that disproportionately engulfs our romantic dealings that the simplicity in the act of loving gets overshadowed.

But there it is, demonstrated between two young people in a life-or-death circumstance, wholly committed, unwavering and unbreakable. It’s an inspiration.

And even though I don’t know them from an anonymous twosome at the grocery store, I’m rooting for his health, their love, and the future they’re planning together. They did the “for worse” part before they even said their vows. Here’s looking forward to the “for better.”

Who reminds you what real love looks like?  



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