6 Dos & Don'ts for Parents Who Are on Facebook (PHOTOS)

kidThere are unwritten rules that everyone ought to abide by when using Facebook (political rants and religious agendas, no thanks!). But that statement rings true doubly for parents. The simple fact is, when you have kids, you just have to be more responsible. I know, it's a bummer sometimes, but hey, you knew this going into parenthood, didn't you?

Here are 6 dos and don'ts for parents who are on Facebook. Happy liking!

Image via windowsau/Flickr

  • Don't Post Photos of Any 'Gross' Baby Stuff



    Poop, urine, vomit. This is all fine and well for people who have kids (though, not sure they want to see other children's poop), but for people who don't, have a little courtesy, thanks.

  • Do Post Photos of Your Child



    If you're on Facebook, don't be the weird, stalker person, who never posts anything. Show us your cuties!

  • Don't Post 'Sexy' Photos of Yourself ...


    The Bikini Open/Flickr


    If you and your kid -- and your kid's friends -- are "friends" on Facebook, probably best to omit any hot bikini shots. No kid wants to see that.

  • Do Like 'Appropriate' Pages




    Your favorite TV show, a celeb you like, CafeMom -- those are all "appropriate" things to be a fan of on Facebook if your kids are on, as well. Might want to simply check the Fifty Shades of Grey page once in a while as opposed to becoming a full-on follower. Your child will think you're into some weird stuff.

  • Don't Post 'Embarrassing' Pics of Your Kid




    If your child is old enough to be on Facebook, they're old enough to be embarrassed. You may think his first potty pic is adorable, but odds are, he won't.

  • Do Post Tasteful Photos of Your Newborn



    Newborn photos are gorgeous, but no need for a delivery room play-by-play. A simple pic of you and your new family member in the hospital is just perfect.


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