The Top 10 Cities for Losing Your Cellphone: Do You Live in One of Them?

baby cell phoneCellphones, guys. They're the best, aren't they? Except when we lose them. Then they're the worst. We've then gotta pay for a new one; try to get back all our phone numbers; and if we don't have some sort of cloud, yuck, we've lost all our photos. It's, in a word, balls. So, we've gotta hold on to our phones tight, friends. Especially when we're in one of these cities. According to a new survey, here are the top 10 cities you're most likely to lose your phone in:


1. Philadelphia

2. Seattle

3. Oakland

4. Long Beach

5. Newark

6. Detroit

7. Cleveland

8. Baltimore

9. New York

10. Boston

Philadelphia, huh? Kind of random. I would have thought New York would have for sure been number one. But alas, I'm just speaking from experience. Anyway!

According to lifestyle insurance company Protect Your Bubble, if you're on vacation in one of these cities, odds are you left it at that awesome transportation museum you'd been dying to check out or, you guessed it, in the airport. Twenty-five percent of cellphones are lost while sightseeing, while 23.4 percent are lost at the airport. Other popular spots to lose your phone while traveling are the hotel (21.7 percent); on public transportation (18.1 percent); or in a rental car (11.5 percent).

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Can't say I'm super surprised by any of this information (besides the Philly thing!), but this definitely will make me more cognizant of where my belongings are when traveling. Hold on to those fanny packs, guys!

Have you ever lost your phone?

Image via GoodNCrazy/Flickr

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