7 Reasons You Should Buy Mom an iPhone for Mother's Day

iphone momDudes, kids, anyone with a mom in their life. If you're still hemming and hawing over what to get the woman who does it all, hem no further: Buy her an iPhone. If she already has one, buy her two. Just kidding. No, but seriously, if your wife, mama, or daughter who has kids herself hasn't gotten on the iPhone train yet, she needs to. And it's up to you to ensure that happens.

Here are 7 reasons you should buy the mom in your life an iPhone for Mother's Day. Tell her to thank me later!


1. It's only right she be part of this century. I mean, honestly, don't you feel a little bad for her when she busts out her Zack Morris-style flip phone? The poor woman's a spectacle!

2. FaceTime! Even if it's just the kids you want to see, "face-to-face" interaction has never been easier than it is with FaceTime.

3. The camera. With every new iPhone model, the camera only keeps getting better. Better camera means more gorgeous photos of the kids. And, oh yeah, you guys.

4. Instagram! Newsflash: Facebook is out; Instagram's in. Mom will be in heaven, posting photos onto the social networking app -- and the filters! Oh, the filters!

5. iPhones are ridiculously easy to use. Even the biggest of luddites have no problems navigating through the iPhone. Simply touch and go. What could be easier than that?

6. Kid apps. Sometimes, a mom just needs a minute. And sometimes, a computerized game is the only thing that will keep the kids occupied. There are bajillions of baby and kid apps that will bring some quiet in a pinch.

7. She really wants one. She may not know it yet, but once she opens that box, she'll be hooked.

What are you getting the mom in your life for Mother's Day?

Image via BuzzFarmers/Flickr

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