7 Reasons You Should Stay Off Pinterest

mason jar
Mason jars with stuff in them!
Pinterest is awesome, isn't it? It's filled with crafts, and recipes, and DIYs for days. It's the best. But also, it's the worst. How do these people decoupage an entire coffee table in an afternoon? Doesn't anyone work? Do they have kids? And why do my chevron nails never look like the ones in the photos I see?! What am I doing wrong?! I used tape just like the girl said to!

Pinterest, I love you. And I have no plans to quit you. But gosh-darnit, you're bringing me down. Here are 7 reasons we should all stay off Pinterest. On occasion.


1. It can make you feel like craft and food failure. Why do my crafts and gift wrappings never turn out like the photos I see? I followed the directions to a T on that pink ombre cake. Why did mine look like a blob of red doo?

2. It can stress you out. Sometimes, I look at all the things I have pinned and think, "Gah! I need to get around to doing these things instead of just pinning my brains out!" Who needs that kind of presh?

3. It can make you spend money. Crafts + Awesome Desserts + Cool Nail Art = Spending Money.

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4. It's another time suck! Okay, so you're likely getting more out of Pinterest than Facebook (thanks for the status update on the progress of your urban garden, random dude I met at a party!), but still. We're sitting at our computers. We should get out and do something! Like a craft. Okay, wait, never mind.

5. A lot of the photos you click on are dead links. I'll be all, "Oh, I love this maxi dress! I wonder where it's from!" Click! Only to be met with the mocking: "The item you are searching for no longer exists." Or worse, the click-through will just take me to a site or blog's homepage with no clues as to how to find what I'm looking for. Womp-womp.

6. Some things ought to remain private. So you're looking to lose 300 pounds -- go you! But do you need to post every single photo of a dude or a chick with abs of steel onto your "fitspiration" board? Unnecessary. And same goes for wedding planning and baby photos you want to try out. (But there is a solution for that -- private boards!) 

7. Mason jars. Can we all agree that mason jars have run their course. While they're awesome for, um, storing things, do we really need to feel pressure to decorate them with glitter and ribbons?

(But Pinterest, I heart you, ya gorgeous bastard.)

What annoys you about Pinterest?

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