Hockey Fan’s ‘Toronto Stronger’ Sign Gets Big Reaction ... And Not Just From Boston (PHOTO)

Toronto StrongerI get how some sports fans take their love for their team to extremes, I really do. But there comes a point when you cross the line from loyalty and devotion to being a classless idiot. A fan at the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Boston Bruins NHL playoff hockey game last night proved this by holding up a sign that read, "Toronto Stronger" with a blue ribbon.

I mean, WTF?! Everyone is well aware of what Boston has gone through this past April with the horrific Boston Marathon bombings that forever tainted a day that was supposed to be a celebration of pride, patriotism, and athleticism. The phrase "Boston Strong" was coined to help the city get through such a harrowing, difficult time. But then this dumbass fan had to make and hold up this sign ... I guess just to prove that dumbass people like this actually exist.


For anyone with a conscience and, you know, feelings, this was unimaginably tasteless and crass. What happened in Boston went way beyond sports and team loyalty and should never be mocked. Of course, Twitter had some very appropriate responses -- and these weren't even the worst (had to keep the language somewhat safe for work!):

1. "Really? A 'Toronto Stronger' sign now too? I understand competition/trash talking but both sides are taking it WAYY too far" -- @ssabbriiii

2. "Hey a88 hole who made that 'toronto stronger' sign, you're f**king disgrace to Canada ! #bostonstrong <3" -- @hockeyxox

3. "On behalf of Toronto I'd like to apologize for the moron with the 'Toronto stronger' sign. #bostonstrong #leafs #nhl #bruins" -- @ @hockeygurupitka

4. "You know you made a sign in really poor taste when other #Leafs fans boo you. #torontostronger #gobruins" -- @NGMPearce

5. "Wish we could ignore the fan with the 'Toronto Stronger' sign. It should have said 'I'm stupider.'" -- @cotsonika

6. "#TorontoStronger by far one of the most tasteless things that I have seen. #leafsfans #shameonyou" -- @Anonynewfie

7. "I wonder if the 'Toronto Stronger' guy has twitter and is reading about himself being a huge doucher? #Leafs #Bruins" -- @HankBart91

8. "I didn't much care who won Tor/Bos series until that Toronto Stronger thing. Now it's Bruins all the way (and I HATE the Bruins) #GoHabsGo" -- @barb_hill

9. "Toronto Stronger? Way to be classy about that loss Toronto. While you're at it, take back Bieber too." -- @hunter_newsome

10. "One thing I love about my town? The only people who hate the 'Toronto Stronger' idiot more than Bruins fans are Leafs fans." -- @sirilyan

11. I want to go just so I can hold up a sign 'Toronto Stronger guy is an idiot' #timandsidleafs" -- @davidpst1

12. "Read a thread of people making excuses for Toronto Stronger sign, as if it wasn't related to the tragedy or ppl are too sensitive. Wake up." -- @scottcwheeler

13. "I'm DISGUSTED with the ONE sign by a #Leafs fan last night, saying #TorontoStronger I'm sorry, but that's NOT right imo #disrespectful!!!!!!!!" -- @GOLEAFSGO9317

14. "Morning guys really #torontostronger was in bad taste and classless we are a better city then that act like it #smh" @TAYSTEVENS

15. "Okay, the whole 'Toronto Stronger' sign is extremely rude. 'Boston Strong' was created because of terrorism, not for a stupid sports slogan." -- @WhyYa_Hayden

What do you think of this sign?


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