Pathetic Woman Arrested After Allegedly Creating Fake Facebook Account to Stalk Herself

Just when you thought you'd heard it all when it comes to people using Facebook for ill-advised activities, here's a story of a Michigan woman who's accused of setting up a Facebook account in order to stalk herself. Yes, you read that right: Cheryl Nelson, 52, allegedly created a fake Facebook profile with her ex-boyfriend's personal information, and proceeded to use it in order to make it appear as though her ex's new girlfriend was harassing her.

The truly strange part about this story is that according to the details of the case, Nelson didn't even bother to cover her trail, and cops easily discovered evidence of her Facebook-finagling when they searched her home computer. When will people learn? If you commit the crime, ERASE YOUR TIMELINE.


Okay, that didn't actually make a lot of sense, I was just trying to get a catchy Johnnie Cochran catchphrase going there. My point is, if you're going to go so far as to set up a fake Facebook account for the purpose of illegally framing your ex's new lover, mayyyyyyyybe take the extra step to make sure your login history isn't saved on your computer?

This lady was busted red-handed after her ex filed a police report against her for threatening behavior, and detectives checked her home computer equipment. Mind you, this was after a YEAR of Nelson making criminal complaints saying she had been the victim of stalking, harassment, assault, and home invasion.

Nelson has now been charged with false report of a felony and unlawful posting of a message, and police say she admitted she'd been falsely reporting claims because "she was not able to let go of her relationship" with her ex.

She definitely sounds like a troubled woman, and I hope she gets some help with her obsessive behavior. In fact, I almost wonder if she didn't want to get caught, and that's why she didn't delete the evidence of her criminal activity.

It's more likely, though, that it just didn't occur to her that it would be fairly easy for police to prove she was the culprit behind the fake Facebook account. Even if she had been diligent about erasing her history or used a different computer, someone would have eventually figured this out. People have the tendency to believe there can be such a thing as true Internet anonymity ... but it should be pretty obvious that unless you're some sort of genius hacker, you're going to leave a digital footprint. A Do Not Pass Go, Go Directly to Jail footprint, even.

Do you think this woman should get jail time for faking her own harassment on Facebook?

Image via J_Benson/Flickr

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