International Firefighters Day: 8 Stories of Incredible Courage & Heart

Adriana Velez | May 4, 2013 Good News

dyrkToday is International Firefighters Day! It's a great day to think about all the men and women who risk their lives to keep us all safe. This is a demanding job that requires skill, knowledge, quick-thinking, courage, and a lot of heart. (Special shout-out to my own brother, a fireman living out west!) So we've gathered some of our favorite firefighter stories to share with you today. And if you get the chance, thank a firefighter.

  • Fireman Saves Two Dogs



    A Detroit fireman saved two dogs from a house fire. Not ony did he pull them out of the house, he revived them with his own oxygen mask.

  • Boy Abandoned as Baby Meets Fireman Who Rescued Him



    One cold, bitter morning, Texas firefighter Wesley Keck noticed a baby carrier outside his station. There was a baby in there, dropped off under the state's Safe Haven law. Keck brought him in, and the baby boy was adopted and named Koregan. The boy learned the story of how he was adopted -- and when he was ten years old he asked to meet the firefighter who saved him. Both of them cried when they met each other.

  • Boston Marathon



    We have to acknowledge the firefighters who responded to the Boston marathon bombings last month. Just one example: Off-duty firefighter Matt Patterson ran into the area of the blast and rescued an injured little girl.

  • Four Firefighters Murdered



    Four volunteer firefighters were shot and killed allegedly by gunman William Spengler this winter. Apparently Spengler had lured the firefighters into what appears to have been a planned ambush. Even worse, one of the firefighters, Michael Chiapperini, was the father of volunteer dispacher Nick, who heard his father's cries as he died.

  • Fireman Dad Builds Fire Truck Bed


    Image via Reddit

    A single dad and firefighter built his son the most amazing fire truck bed because his son wants to be just like his dad.

  • Firefighters Travel to Honor Newtown Shooting Victim


    In the wake of the Newtown shootings, firefighters travled from all around to honor victim Daniel Barden, who dreamed of becoming a firefighter when he grew up. The lined the street in a heart-wrenching tribute.

  • 28 Flights of Stairs on Your Day Off


    Sue Elias/Flickr

    Chicago firefighter Jason Durbin was off duty when he noticed smoke coming from a highrise. He ran up 28 flights (!!!), found an unconscious woman lying on the floor, picked her up, and carried her the 28 flights back down the stairs.

  • Firefighters' Amazing Tribute to Terminally Ill Boy


    When four-year-old Dyrk Burcie's cancer turned terminal, his fireman father's colleagues created an amazing tribute in fire for the boy and posted on his fundraising Facebook page. The idea caught on, and soon other firehouses all around started sending in photos of their own tributes to Dyrk. What a sweet send-off.

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