30 Internet Abbreviations & What They Mean

kids computerAre you ever perusing CafeMom, Facebook, or Twitter when you come across abbreviations and/or hashtags that baffle you? What does DD; #tbt; and DAE mean? Why don't I know this? How come everyone else does? Gah, why am I so Internet illiterate?

Relax, computer user. There was a time most of us didn't know this stuff either. And the good news is I made a list for you. A handy-dandy list that explains what many popular Internet abbreviations and hashtags mean. Now you're part of the cool clique. Or the computer nerds. Same difference these days, knowwhatimsayin?


1. DD: Darling Daughter

2. DS: Darling Son

3. DH: Darling Husband

4. LO: Little One

5. #tbt: Throwback Thursday

6. FTW: For The Win

7. IMHO: In My Honest Opinion

8. IMAO: In My Arrogant Opinion

9. IDGAF: I Don't Give A F*ck

10. IIRC: If I Remember Correctly

11. NP: No Problem

12. FWIW: For What It's Worth

13. DAE?: Does Anybody Else?

14. FML: F*ck My Life

15. #FF: Follow Fridays

16. SMH/SMDH: Shaking My Head/Shaking My Damn Head

17. YOLO: You Only Live Once

18. FOH/GTFOH: F*ck Outta Here/Get The F*ck Outta Here

19. HT: Hat Tip

20. RT: Re-tweet

21. DM/PM: Direct Message/Private Message

22. CTFU: Cracks The F*ck Up

23. STFU: Shut The F*ck Up

24. #IGERS: Instagrammers

25. #Avi: Means your Twitter picture

26. #WCW: Women Crush Wednesday

27. HMU: Hit Me Up

28. OP: Original Poster

29. TIL: Today I Learned

30. IKR: I Know, Right

What Internet abbreviations do you know?


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