Boston Bombers Were NYC-Bound After Marathon Attack to Detonate Explosives in Times Square

boston bomberDuring a press conference Thursday, Mayor Bloomberg and other New York City officials revealed that the Boston bombers had planned on attacking Times Square using the leftover bombs from their Boston Marathon assault. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told FBI agents that while he and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev were on the run in a hijacked SUV, they talked about taking their explosives to NYC and detonating them in the heart of the city.


The plan fell apart, however, when their SUV ran low on fuel in a Boston neighborhood. A day later, Tamerlan would be dead and Dzhokhar would be hiding in a boat in a stranger's backyard.

I'm perhaps overly confident that had the Tsarnaev brothers made it out of Boston, there's no way they could have entered New York City unnoticed. I would like to think they would've been caught before they even passed through the tunnel, but lucky for everyone, they didn't even get the chance.

The law enforcement in Boston were not going to let these kids, these terrorist kids, out of the city. They shut down the T. They shuttered schools. They told everyone to stay inside and they hunted the brothers until one was killed in a shootout, and the other surrendered weaponless in Watertown.

Because of their bravery and competency, attacking New York, or any other city for that matter, was not an option. Their plans were thwarted by dedicated officers who wanted nothing more than to bring these bombers to justice.

Had it not been for them, who knows what would have happened. Were the brothers capable of blowing up that SUV on the G.W. Bridge? Would they have parked it near the green area in Times Square, where thousands of people gather daily to eat their lunches and marvel at the pulse of the city?

Thanks to Boston law enforcement, we'll gratefully never know.

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Photo via Ninian Reid/Flickr

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